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  • Welcome to Kalorex Tintinnabulate

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About Us

Kalorex Tintinnabulate offers a unique learning and enrichment programme for children in the age group of 18 months to 6 years, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

The KT approach helps to bring all aspects of a child’s learning together in a holistic way, involving teachers, parents and the world around the child, where each person plays a pivotal part in contributing to the child’s overall development.

There is a special emphasis on health and hygiene as well as safety of the children within the campus. All equipment is child friendly and furniture and toys are non-toxic.

The teachers and the support staff of the school are specially trained in the handling of kids of the particular age and there is a doctor on board for any immediate health concerns. Our “little Gymnasium” and its equipment are scientific and specially meant for little kids. Along with fitness regimen, a diet chart designed by a nutritionist is a part of the services provided.


Being the first choice for all possible target groups in providing quality education.


Achieve excellence in K-12 education through a sound vision, innovation, and professionalism in our various endeavours.


Total development of our children to create national assets and global citizens, with strong values of dedication, devotion and compassion.

Kalorex Taxonomy

Our unique Kalorex Taxonomy brings together Research & Development from different Educational pedagogies. Our curriculum is mainly a blend of Theory of Multiple Intelligence and Reggio Emilia Approach with a slight flavour of Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development and Montessori Method. It is designed to include global learning with Indian values what we define as ‘Glocal’.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of fun based and experiential activities prepare children for the life ahead and also help in smooth transition to Primary School.


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